Indonesia City Prosperity Index

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UN-Habitat's City Prosperity Initiative (CPI) is both a metric and a policy dialogue that offers decision- makers the conditions to formulate adequate policies based on good data,information and knowledge.The CPI is aglobal initiative that provides an innovative approach to urban measurements and it is meant to identify opportunities and potential areas of intervention for cities to be come more prosperous.

The City Prosperity Initiative collects a critical mass of information (data, indices and urban indicators) and transforms them in to strategic knowledge, which serves as the basis for the formulation of urbanevidence-basedpolicies, city-visions, andlong-termaction plans. Theo bjective of the CPI is to produce meaningful information at the city level, to define a limited number of actions on the basis of its diagnosis and to measure to which extent policies affect the prosperity of the city, strengthening, at the same time, the monitoring and reporting capacities of the municipal entities.

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